tecosystems: The Trouble with Binary Arguments

tecosystems: The Trouble with Binary Arguments: “binary arguments tend to obscure the fact that in many real world implementations, so-called oppositional technologies will compliment rather than annihilate each other. At the very least, they provide each other with the competition that drives innovation”

A very important point – almost all the analysis I’ve seen about ELN technologies is of the either/or variety, the truth is all successful ELN implementations involve a variety of technologies from a number of sources.

In the few cases where an organization has chosen to believe a vendor’s claim that they can provide everything, when you look at what happens on the ground, the end solution is still a series of integrated, complimentary tools from different sources. Interestingly, this is often done in an informal way and the ELN team may not even be aware of it.

Binary arguments are a useful analysis tool, but only that. For project implementation, better to recognize what’s going to happen anyway and run the project in a way that benefits from and supports diversity rather than constantly fight against the natural order of things.

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