Electronic Records finally get a front seat in litigation

A lot of our work in introducing completely electronic replacements for the Bound Lab Notebook (we use the term “Patent Evidence Creation & Preservation” systems) revolves around talking with IT and helping them understand the implications of being on the front line of possible litigation.

Well, it seems that Congress is prepared to give us a helping hand… the implications should be interesting! From InfoWorld:

Document management systems go to court | InfoWorld | Column | 2005-12-27 | By Ephraim Schwartz: “Two proposed amendments to the federal Rules of Civil Procedure, if passed by Congress, will have a major impact on corporations and their IT departments…. The two proposals are specifically targeted at electronic discovery. First, the proposed amendments to Rule 26 will require attorneys for both parties to a litigation in Federal court to sit down prior to the proceedings to discuss their clients’ document management systems….. The rule also requires each company to designate a spokesperson for its IT group.”

Here’s the full article

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