RSS, Attention and Flocking Behaviour

Just noticed this post, which mentions a “Scanning for Patterns” behavior which is a good summary of how I use RSS/Atom/Blogs. There are about 15 feeds that I will read most articles, and then a few hundred other feeds which I will skim read when traveling. I generally only read a post from this group if it is something that’s especially relevant and/or is something that’s appearing in a number of postings.

In this way I can easily keep my “finger on the pulse” of a wide variety of communities – sure beats having to read dead-tree publications, go to conferences etc. Plus I get to do most of the skim-reading when on a plane, which turns out to be quite convenient.

RSS, Attention and Flocking Behaviour at D’Arcy Norman Dot Net: “Why scan so many feeds? To me, it’s about patterns. Keeping my peripheral vision (peripheral mind? is there such a thing?) pouring over more information than I could ever consciously absorb. And being able to pick up on subtle variations in the attention of the flock that I am a part of, as well as other related flocks.”

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