Finding stuff internally Vs externally, and emergence

Andrew McAfee writes in a post about Online Emergence

“When I talk about Enterprise 2.0 with company management teams, industry groups, and executive education students I usually start by asking people to raise their hands if it’s easier for them to find what they want on their company’s Intranet than it is on the public Internet.  “

Yup – and right now, for scientists using the paper notebook, the situation is even worse, because they can’t even search it. They’re back to 20th-century “browse the library books” – and to add salt the wounds, they probably spend more time creating these records than any of their non-scientist colleagues spend on similar tasks.

This is the PatentSafe sweet spot – it is a real rush to fix such a long-standing problem in 5 minutes :-).

But the really cool thing is that because experiments tend to have something of an in-built structure, we can start to stitch everything together without scientists having to change anything except stop using the Bound Notebook. Which is kind of freaky but once you get the hang of it opens up huge possibilities and becomes tremendously empowering for all involved. We can finally bridge the impedance mismatch between the inherent variation in scientific activity/approach (“Scientists” are often very individual, which is both a delight and a challenge – and I married one) and the need to generate a consistent knowledge base.