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We’re recruiting one or two people for our UK office, to look after talking with possible customers, pre-sales. Most places would call this a “Sales” role, but to be honest we’d prefer to recruit outside of the traditional pool of sales people. Traditional sales doesn’t seem to work in this market, we’re more looking for someone to hold our prospects’ hands as they examine their possibly ELN-related problems and look to find a solution.

The Ad is actually out on Monster and a few of the other job boards, but in the hope that someone in the industry fancies a change of scene, here it is. Although we are primarily looking for someone to work out of our UK office, the right person could work from anywhere in the world.

You’ve got some experience in sales and/or telesales, and are looking for your next challenge.

Amphora Research Systems is the market leader in Electronic Laboratory Notebooks, and we’re looking for one or two sales people to take us to the next level. We sell around the world, mainly by phone. We’re growing rapidly, taking more than our fair share of a market that is taking off and has a high level of pent-up demand.

Working full- or part-time in hours to suit you’ll be selling to people all around the world. Your role will be to:

  • Cold call into targets to get that first meeting.
  • Work with the potential customer during their decision making process (which can be weeks, months or years) keeping them on track and coaching your contact(s) in the prospect company on how to move things forward within their organisation.
  • Finalising the deal, following up on additional opportunities etc.

Although our product requires a "Complex Sale" no industry experience is necessary nor are we looking for someone with a lot of Enterprise Sales experience. We would expect the successful candidate to have an understanding of how things get done inside companies, and how to facilitate that from the outside. Our products do not benefit from high-pressure sales tactics but you will need to form a solid relationship with our prospects and help position Amphora’s products in their business circumstances.

Amphora’s approach is that we’d rather hire nice people with the right attitude and train them up in Amphora’s way of doing things and our market, than hire an "Seasoned" sales professional and spend the next year filing the rough edges off. If you’re one of the few experienced sales people who has managed to remain a nice person, we’d love totalk to you! 🙂

You will be based in our offices in Bracknell, just off the A329M. A degree of home-based working and flexible hours is encouraged – we’ve all got families, and if you’re the right person we know you’re the best judge of how to spend your time and where.

Some amount of travel is to be expected, if only to ensure you have an adequate understanding of our product and our customers. Expect one or two nights away every few months, and perhaps one week-long trip a year, fitting around your family obligations.

We’re a small, focused company with a low nonsense tolerance. More than experience we’re looking for attitude. The successful candidate(s) will:

  • Be curious, a keen and quick learner, and a good listener.
  • Be perceptive and insightful.
  • Work well in a team. Despite this being a job ad for a "Sales" position, you will be expected/encouraged to contribute to the organisation in other ways (depending on your capabilities).
  • Have a deep understanding that sales is about service, not persuasion.
  • Be organised and disciplined.
  • Appreciative of others.
  • Have a healthy sense of humour.
  • Be fairly comfortable with computers. We’re not looking for a geek, but we’re fairly techie and if you’re allergic to computers life will be pretty tough.
  • Be educated to degree level or equivalent, in some reasonable useful degree.

Working at Amphora is not for everyone; we’d like to think we’re a very nice place to work, treat people well, and provide significant opportunities for growth. In return we ask a lot: responsibility, self-motivation, integrity, emotional intelligence, an enquiring mind, intellectual honesty, and a strong work ethic. People deficient in any of these areas will find it hard tomake this a success.

We’re open as to how this gap in our organisation gets filled; however, if you’re a working Parent who used to have a fulfilling career but has struggled to find a rewarding job since you’ve had kids, we might be just the place for you.

To apply, please email your cv to jobs-sales-23@amphora-research.com. In your covering letter, please spend a few sentences telling us why you think we’d be a good place for you, and why you would be good for us.

Recruitment agencies: Whilst we’re sure you provide a valuable service to someone, our experience has led us to be somewhat skeptical that it’s a good fit for us. If you feel you’ve got a candidate tailor made for this position then of course we’re happy to hear from you but otherwise your time is probably best spent elsewhere.

Please, emails only, no phone calls.

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