Business Model Innovation

From Amazon Web Services Blog: Announcing Amazon EC2 Reserved Instances:

“Earlier in my career, I thought that innovation was solely about technology. If you wanted to address a new market or to increase sales, writing more code was always a good option. Having gained some wisdom and experience over the years, I’ve finally figured out the obvious — that innovation can also take the form of a business model!”

Ohhh yes. Very much so. PatentSafe is one product, one code base, but packaged in different ways to reach different markets who all have the same business problem, but different circumstances…

This still freaks some people out, but it’s a great way to take something Enterprise-class and deliver it to a wide range of organizations.

Interestingly, to the extent we have competition (and we’re pretty focused, so we don’t have much), we’re finding that the business model is the hardest area for people to compete on. Our stuff’s affordable and deployable, and that’s a result of our paying attention to each segment’s individual circumstances.

It takes a mixture of code, marketing, sales, business model, packaging, and a healthy dose of creativity – and it seems to turn out quite well for all concerned 🙂

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