Twittering at ELN conferences

Conferences are funny things, especially very commercial ones which seem to be the norm in the ELN and Lab Informatics industry.

The talks are sometimes good, sometimes bad, but the “Backchannel” is always useful. I guess it’s no surprise that the regular conference participants generally go not so much for the conference but to meet all the other people doing interesting things. (which is why we started the Amphora dinners, which are turning out to be excellent networking events).

Unfortunately as the ELN industry gets more commercial the really thought-provoking talks have been crowded out by marketing-speak – or worse, yet-another-case-study from an earnest user who lacks a wider context on what they’ve done, and little willingness to learn from others (generally because they are being carefully managed by their vendor’s marketing team).

So I’m really looking forward to the arrival of Twitter at ELN conferences – hopefully it’ll make a real difference to what we all get out of it. As a speaker it would be delightful to have a conversation rather than give a lecture.

So let’s all get Twittering, please please please…. I’m “simoncoles” on Twitter if you want to link up.

I’ll leave it to Our Fearless Leader Jo to gently recruit, press gang, and cajole the industry luminaries onto Twitter :-). Perhaps the next Amphora dinner should be restricted to people with an active Twitter account….?

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