My presentation at next week’s IQPC conference in Frankfurt

I’m giving a talk at the IQPC “Data Management and Knowledge Discovery” conference in Frankfurt which is next week – I’m speaking on Tuesday, following Colin Sandercock (which is always a pleasure, even if I feel somewhat intimidated!).

It won’t be a surprise to know that by now I have very little to do with the topics I speak on – there’s a discussion between our marketing people and the conference people, and I don’t really think about it until a few days beforehand.

So imagine how pleased I am to be giving a talk entitled “Lessons from the edge: Think now or pay later”. Maybe it’s me being suspicious but the titles of my talks are getting ever-more “interesting” – I suspect down in marketing they’re having a great time dreaming up weird titles just to see how I cope with making them somehow interesting & relevant. I also notice that the titles get especially fun when I’m going to the conference on my own, with no one from marketing within striking range.

Don’t worry guys, I will get my revenge, at a time and place of my choosing…

And now, to work!

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