Google has cool book scanning technology

Seems Google have some really nifty technology for scanning books automatically without destroying them.

Some of our clients have scans of their Paper Notebooks, and you can put them into PatentSafe quite easily. However, most people are put off by the expense of scanning (& tagging), which is a real pity.

Given the amount of knowledge that’s locked in legacy Paper Lab Notebooks, let’s hope Google’s technology is made available outside of Google.

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  1. The scanners are very cool but I’ve never heard of them making it beyond Google. I did once hear a story that they were locked down as part of an agreement between Google and the US govt or US rights holders because of the obvious fear of what people could do if they got their hands on them. Not sure whether that might change after the Google Books settlement. It is a shame because there is obviously a real legal market for these things and for personal archiving

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