I wonder why we’re seeing lots more inbound sales enquiries

I was talking with one of our marketing peeps today and it appears we’ve had a massive increase in the number of inbound enquirers in the past few weeks.

They can’t seem to discern a pattern – we don’t even know what prompts them to come to us. But there’s been a seriously noticeable jump, from many different countries, and varying industries. Interestingly we’d expect this time of year (holiday time) to be relatively quiet, and what with the “Current economic climate” we were expecting things to be even quieter.

Either someone somewhere in Amphora did some pretty clever marketing without knowing it (Gold Star, whoever you are!) or perhaps the ELN market has finally reached critical mass.

Interesting, very interesting….

(if you do decide to email in – we’d love to talk to you about how we might be able to help you – mind telling us why you decided to contact us? :-))

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