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My first post! – I’m Jo Worthington, I look after the marketing for Amphora. I want to use this space to tell like minded people who read this blog about places where they can feed their thoughts about this still emerging industry.

I constantly have calls from conference organisers or publications requesting our presence or penmanship. All of them offering a dangling prize at the end. We like to choose our marketing very carefully and our presence even more so. I would go so far as to say we could spend our entire lives attending conferences on one subject or another vaguely related to the software that we produce. Our rationale behind our decisions are that we want attend events as  “Thought leaders” not as a cheesy exhibition vendors, we want to educate on the subject, and evoke peoples thoughts on the matter. Not, which is the usual way, have an exhibition stand with 3 or 4 people milling around it dressed in super sharp suits looking to pounce, with rather cheap looking regimented branded naffery, and an arrangement of monitors with their solution splashed all over them.

Is this what people want to see, or what they expect to see?

By pimping out the Overlord and ruler – Simon, and me sitting in the audience watching peoples’ faces and seeing who asks questions gives us a platform to stir a hornets nest up, getting people talking and asking questions, we get far more from the one or two people who come up to speak to us afterwards than we would positioned behind a stand tweaking the giveaway mugs into position.

We try to have at least 2- 3 conferences in the wings coming up. Here is a list of the up and coming events.

IQPC – ELN’s and Advanced Laboratory Solutions – Renaissance Hotel, Brussels.

Pre conference focus day and workshops  28th September 2009

Simon and I will be hosting a workshop on “The use of ELN’s in Biology”

Two day conference 29th- 30th September – Simons presentation is on day 1 and is addressing “Are “ELN” projects doomed from the start?” ( A favourite subject)


Supreme conferencing –  ELN  2 day Workshop – Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa

November 9th & 10th 2009

Two day workshop with a collaborative team from Amphora and Phasefour Informatics. Simon and John Trigg have been working together as thought leaders in this space for many moons and this year they have allowed me, the young upstart to claim some of their glory. We will be addressing a wide variety of topics that cover the ELN scope. The organisers are looking too emerging markets so this workshop will focus very much on why, how, who and when.

SMI – Electronic Laboratory Notebooks – Crowne Plaza Hotel – St James, London, London,

27th – 28th January 2 day conference – Simon will be speaking on day one, subject to be confirmed but you can be assured it will be different:-)

29th January – Workshops – “ELN’s – Concept to Reality” An afternoon joint venture between Simon and myself. The morning workshop features John Trigg of Phasefour speaking on “Laboratory Integration – The Next Hurdle?”


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