Responding to RFPs

There are few things I find more painful than responding to RFPs.

I’m sure writing them is difficult.

But answering them is deeply frustrating – it’s being forced to have a one-way conversation about something where you really need to have a chat, which is much more my natural style.

I remember once I turned up to a Government research establishment and was told “We can’t tell you what we do, or anything about how we work. In fact, the people in this room can’t tell you anything at all. So just tell us what you do, and show us your stuff”. Which was painful, but at least the audience gave some (non-verbal) feedback.

Guess I’d better get back to it – although I think my car might need washing, and there are some other chores to do. Or I might just poke myself with a sharp stick or something.

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  1. Simon,

    That is too funny! I love it. Been there, done that. Now on a more serious note… Stop complaining, do something about it. I did. I create a LIMS requirements specification that is made freely available to all competitors and clients alike. In fact I formed a whole non-profit company around the concept and I do truly mean, non-profit. It is the Laboratory Informatics Institute.

    If you go to my Linkedin group: you can download a copy of the LIMSpec. Take that and create your own specification for an ELN. Trust me, folks need this sort of thing. We have thousands of customers who have downloaded the spec and had used it to create their tenders. We lose as many of those bids as we gain but the benefit is that we and our competitors have already created the answers to the questions so everytime we have to answer one of these rfp’s, it gets easier and easier. It really is a cut and paste job with tweaking to fit the customer’s changes.

    I encourage you to do the same for ELN’s and send it to me. I will promote it all over the place and then finally, doing an ELN rfp response will not be the stick-in-the-eye that it has always been.

    Good Luck,

    John H. Jones
    President – LabLynx, Inc. & Laboratory Informatics Institute

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