Fascinating segment from Steve Jobs on go-to-market

Fascinating segment from Steve Jobs at the D8 conference about innovation and Go-To-Market strategies.

This is a really important point – you can have innovation, but if you can’t figure out a way to present it in a way that people will adopt and pay for it, there’s no way you can ever take that innovation out of the lab.

We have plenty of ideas kicking around, but it isn’t just about the technology. One of the reasons our PatentSafe ELN has the form and features it does is that we seem to have the sweet spot in terms of something we can sell to people, they can install, deploy and ultimately pay for. I’ve seen so many fellow ELN vendors come up with cool products (often received by much enthusiasm by self-styled industry watchers) which fail the “Can people actually buy & deploy this thing” test. You see plenty of marketing buzz, a couple of pilot deployments, and then it all goes quiet.

Having a good product isn’t just about feature count, it is about creating something that your customers can buy, they can install, and live with. Turns out that writing software is the easy part, creating a product people can buy and use after the marketing hype has died down is a lot more interesting.