Conference organisers and people count

Tim Bray comments on Conference Organisers and the number of attendees they claim

When conference organizers count people, the number they care about most is registered paying attendees; they track that every day as the conference approaches. Suppose you are an outsider, considering attending or sponsoring or exhibiting at the conference, and you inquire as to the likely attendance. You will never be given the real number; instead you will be told a number which is at least twice that, and usually higher. This is justified by including trade-show exhibitors’ staff, the conference organizer’s own people, PR folk and journalists, the food service crew, and is basically pulled out of a monkey’s butt. Just thought you’d like to know.


When a delegate ticket is the price of a small PatentSafe installation, and vendors pay over $10k to even turn up and give a “talk”…

There has to be a better way for the industry to talk to each other.