iPad Dictation in the Lab & Cloud Computing

CultOfMac bring up a really interesting problem with Siri/Dictation… what you say is sent back to Apple and could be retained. I can see why Apple do it; in reality it is the only way to get Dictation working with any kind of useful real-world accuracy. Not only does the recognition require a lot more data and potentially CPU than … Read More

SAP and the iPad – and ELNs

We think the iPad has the potential to revolutionise Electronic Lab Notebooks, and clearly the ELN market is just one of many which will benefit from the new form factor. SAP are arguably the most “Enterprise” of any software vendor, so I was interested in their view of the iPad and other Tablets. This interview of SAPs CIO makes interesting … Read More

Pure-web Chemical Drawing

ChemWriter have announced a HTML/JavaScript Chemical Structure editor. Details here. Cool. Very cool.

iPads in use – repair process

Again from Fraser Speirs, some experience of running (and repairing) iPads in the wild. He’s got 115 of them (I think) in a school, which I suspect is as challenging an environment as a Laboratory. This is another small-but-important point – fixing the things: We have had a couple of defective iPads. One device’s LCD developed rainbow stripes, the other … Read More