Chemistry ELNs and Open Source

For some scientists, Chemical Structure-based searching is an important part of the toolset they use to plan and write up their experiments. Historically this functionality has been the domain of proprietary software vendors, who have used their monopoly on Cheminformatics technology to lever the adoption of their wider informatics suites (including products positioned as “Electronic Laboratory Notebooks”). The resulting lack … Read More

The birth of the “Customer Development” movement

I’ve been a fan of Steve Blank and Customer Development ever since the guys at BudgetSketch pointed me to it – it really fits with how we see the world, although now we’ve got a framework we can be a bit more disciplined about it, and communication is a lot easier with a common language. In this post he explains … Read More

Open Data: license, rights, aggregation, clean interfaces?

Very interesting post on Open Data, the licenses that are evolving parallel what’s happend with code. chem-bla-ics: Open Data: license, rights, aggregation, clean interfaces?: “Right now, there are two Open Data camps, much like the BSD-vs-GPL wars in Open Source: one that believes in waiving any rights on the Data, indicating that facts are free; others that believe that data … Read More