Items of Interest

This is just a collection of interesting stuff I have bumped into along the way. There’s a lot missing here, I’ll add to this as stuff occurs.

Interesting ELN implementations:

  • My Experiment isn’t really an ELN in the traditional sense but it is very interesting. If you’d never heard of a Paper Lab Notebook would you design an ELN? Probably not, you’d design My Experiment instead.
  • I’ve always thought there was little difference between an ELN and a Blog – especially when you look at the flexibility of WordPress. Here’s one example of someone using WordPress as an ELN.

I know all the interesting ELN experiments you see are academic settings. I suspect that’s just because they are the only ones who can talk publicly – interesting stuff is going on in Industry (including with Wikis, WordPress etc.) but you never hear about it because there’s no forum for it.

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