More on DropBox’s Terms of Service – run away…

Interesting post from Dave Winer on Scripting News taking a look at DropBox’s possible business plan, which gives me more worries about using DropBox as the basis for an Electronic Lab Notebook. That means they have to be looking inside your box to get the data they’re going to aggregate, to get to that astronomical valuation. That’s why they didn’t … Read More

Cloud Applications, ELN & IP

I’ve met a number of groups who are using Commodity “Cloud” services (Google Apps, DropBox etc.) for their Lab Notebook data, and whilst it works well technically (and is always improving!), I’ve always wondered about the IP/Confidentiality issues. I bumped into an analysis of the Terms of Service of various Cloud service providers on Neowin. It isn’t encouraging reading. I … Read More

Interesting (brief) interview with Steven Sasson, who invented the Digital Camera at Kodak. Inventor Portrait: Steven Sasson from David Friedman on Vimeo. For the background see the original post on Ironic Sans blog where this is one of a series of Inventor Profiles. Kodak were Amphora’s first customer, we started working with them and ELNs way back in 1996… the … Read More

How often should you change your password

Good article from Bruce Schneier on Changing Passwords. So in general: you don’t need to regularly change the password to your computer or online financial accounts (including the accounts at retail sites); definitely not for low-security accounts. You should change your corporate login password occasionally, and you need to take a good hard look at your friends, relatives, and paparazzi … Read More