SAP and the iPad – and ELNs

We think the iPad has the potential to revolutionise Electronic Lab Notebooks, and clearly the ELN market is just one of many which will benefit from the new form factor. SAP are arguably the most “Enterprise” of any software vendor, so I was interested in their view of the iPad and other Tablets. This interview of SAPs CIO makes interesting … Read More

Dilbert on pricing

I am always puzzled that customers put up with overly complex pricing schemes – we try to keep ours straightforward – makes life easier for everyone. (my first post from the iPad WordPress app! Typed with one hand while cuddling my upset 7 year old who lost his ball at the park… he wanted to watch the Dilbert TV series … Read More

Pure-web Chemical Drawing

ChemWriter have announced a HTML/JavaScript Chemical Structure editor. Details here. Cool. Very cool.

Three Simple Truths of Failure

The simplicity/complexity tradeoff is one that many ELN teams struggle with and is the underlying reason for most ELN project failures. In an interesting post from Jack Vinson (a fellow CENSA alumni) lays out to three simple truths of failure from a post on the IT Failures Blog which in turn was inspired by Dilbert: Complicated plans don’t work. “Spraying … Read More

Good anecdote on the problems of proprietary file formats

This is a good story on the problems of proprietary file formats, which has a happy ending but only through what appears to be days of effort and some Open Source tools. I really don’t know why customers put up with vendors shipping undocumented private file formats. It just locks up your data. Purchasing should be requiring Open File Formats … Read More