SAP and the iPad – and ELNs

We think the iPad has the potential to revolutionise Electronic Lab Notebooks, and clearly the ELN market is just one of many which will benefit from the new form factor. SAP are arguably the most “Enterprise” of any software vendor, so I was interested in their view of the iPad and other Tablets. This interview of SAPs CIO makes interesting … Read More

Tablets in the Laboratory – battery life

There aren’t many Enterprise iPad users blogging publicly, no doubt out of confidentiality concerns. However Fraser Speirs is responsible for IT in a school where they have just deployed iPads throughout the school, and his blog on The iPad Project is well worth a read if you are thinking about large-scale deployment of iPads and the like. As an example, … Read More

ELN & iPad user group

If you are using your iPad in the laboratory, we’ve just launched an informal group to share lessons learned etc. If you are interested in participating the announcement is on Amphora’s corporate blog.

Some brief thoughts on the iPad and ELN

So I’ve said a lot in other forums about the iPad and ELNs and thought I should briefly jot something down here. So here’s the high level of why I think the iPad is interesting for Lab Informatics generally and Electronic Lab Notebooks in particular. Aside from all the really interesting philosophy stuff which might give insight into the design … Read More

Royal Society of Chemistry Lab Integration, 20th May in London

I’ll be contributing to the Royal Society of Chemistry workshop on “The Challenges Facing Laboratory Systems’ Integration” on the 20th May 2010 in London. More information here. We’ll also have a couple of iPads with us if people are interested – we think this class of device has great potential in Labs.