ELNs and the post-PC era

Almost all “Electronic Laboratory Notebook” vendors assume you are deploying onto reasonably-recent Windows PCs, which might be the case if you are focusing on Big Pharma (which most vendors were) but isn’t true when you start working with Academic Labs and Biotechs. As a general rule Apple MacOS X, Linux are second class citizens in the ELN world and it … Read More

ELN design – Simplicity is hard

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”—Leonardo Da Vinci A good Electronic Lab Notebook takes careful design; the foundation of this is what does, and more importantly what it doesn’t do. This is really hard, as evidenced by the complexity that can creep in to products as you add feature after feature. Apple’s success is built upon design and the fact that … Read More

Our PatentSafe Electronic Lab Notebook in a growing Biotech

4-Antibody have successfully rolled out our PatentSafe Electronic Lab Notebook, demonstrating the flexibility and power has in a growing Biotech. I must admit some frustration with the process of Press Releasing new customers. Unlike most suppliers we tend to press release after a successful implementation (e.g. pilot, decision to go forward, roll out – and then we press release), and … Read More

Press Release – Solidus & PatentSafe

Biotechnology and contract research company Solidus Bioscience Inc have successfully implemented Amphora’s PatentSafe solution to replace their bound lab notebooks. Solidus are using PatentSafe as a fully electronic lab notebook, with digital signatures. Not only does this fit more efficiently into today’s laboratories but it also allows them to partition and search their data simply and effectively, saving significant time previously spent on laborious manual searches and compilation of reports.