Introduction to Electronic Signatures

I was asked to deliver a presentation to the Scientific Archivists Group conference in Nice on “Electronic Signatures”. This group tends to focus on the needs of regulated industries but also covers other areas. It was an interesting talk… I realised I needed to give a high-level overview avoiding the deeply technical stuff, but as I wrote it I realised … Read More

The “Free” model – a cartoon

Purely by coincidence, I noticed via WebMink’s Twitter feed a simple cartoon explaining the “Free” model of providing applications and services:

Free ELNs are an accident waiting to happen

Every now and then we see “Free” ELNs pop up, make a bit of a splash on the forums and then quietly disappear from view. I’ve always wondered what the business plan for these systems is; there seems to be a lot of optimism and little long-term thinking. I think some of it comes from looking at the numerous Internet-based … Read More

iPad Dictation in the Lab & Cloud Computing

CultOfMac bring up a really interesting problem with Siri/Dictation… what you say is sent back to Apple and could be retained. I can see why Apple do it; in reality it is the only way to get Dictation working with any kind of useful real-world accuracy. Not only does the recognition require a lot more data and potentially CPU than … Read More

A sensible observation on Passwords

Finally some common sense on Passwords: So true, it isn’t funny. This is why in PatentSafe we encourage the use of a phrase for signing documents. We can’t change organisation’s password policies (and most large companies use LDAP anyhow) but we can try to enforce sanity in signing pass phrases. Maybe we needed short but hard to guess passwords years … Read More